Planning to see what all the hype is about? Camping is what everyone is doing nowadays and let’s agree that it can be a lot of fun! However, planning your first trip can be quite the trouble because there are a lot of things you may not think about.

The best advice you will hear and you should always share to anyone camping for the first time is camp close to home for the first trip. Why? Especially if you are taking your camper out for the first time, you may not remember everything and if something goes wrong you don’t have far to go to be back to your comfort zone.

Book ahead of time is another great tip to know and understand. With camping in high demand campgrounds can often remain full. It is always best to call the campground before arriving to see if they have availability.

Plan your trip and understand that weather does not reserve the right to cancel a reservation and guarantee a refund. Plan where you are going, know what their check-in and check-out times are, are they pet friendly, is there something close by or specific you want to do or that they offer and the most important, what is their cancellation policy. Cancellation policies are put in place and usually posted online, in their office or in a confirmation email.

Plan for the unexpected, RV sites are not the same and every campground is different across the country. Sometimes you may need an extra water hose, sewage hose or electric extension. Plan and carry an extra one with you. It doesn’t add a lot of extra weight and even if you don’t need it at the first park, you never know when your water hose may spring a leak and you at least have a spare. While carrying extra items along, always carry leveling blocks with you. Whether you cut boards and create your own or buy the locking blocks you should always have extras. On behalf of Pennsylvania the terrain is all over the place so its best to be prepared.

Prepare for inclement weather. Be sure you have a couple of extra towels and a tarp to cover your tent. When it rains it pours, and with a tent, the water will find its way in. A sturdy tarp overtop of your tent will help shelter you from the rain. Once again, pack for the unexpected. A raincoat and extra pair of clothing and boots is always a plus. Tenting at night can be colder than you think, so in addition to first-class sleeping bags, be sure to bring a few extra blankets.

There’s nothing wrong with being a newbie. Don’t hesitate to mention you are first time campers. Ask questions, sometimes the best way to learn is to ask what others do or recommend. Everyone has their own opinion, ideas, and tips that you can learn and grow with.

Pennsylvania has a lot of opportunities for activities around camping. Everything from the scenic countryside, historical sites, lakes and hiking and biking trails to the Grand Canyon of PA, it’s all waiting for you! Camping in Pennsylvania gives you a chance to discover your outdoor moments and so much more. Enjoy the great state of Pennsylvania with your family and friends, make memories, and take photos that will last a lifetime!